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Comments and reviews from readers of “Fugitive of Faith”

“As the voice of Conservative Christian politics in Kansas, I am constantly in the bullseye of today’s Godless cancel culture. Author, David Mathews through his artistic gift, “Fugitive of Faith”, teaches me that I rest comfortably in God’s hands. I know this brilliant book will be an incredible gift to you as well. Simply put, “Fugitive of Faith” is a glorious journey through the perils of our progressive society and an honor to read.”  ~Kansas State Senator Mark B. Steffen, M.D.

“Since all but a handful of states have hate crimes laws on the books, this fictional look at how a Bible-believing pastor might deal with being accused of violating the law and face both criminal charges and devastating real world effects is especially relevant. As recent events in Canada clearly illustrate, a day of reckoning for members of the clergy may not be as far away as some Christians believe it to be. This work will serve as a catalyst for soul searching and spark spirited discussion for Christians in all walks of life!” ~Courtney Montgomery, Political blogger at The Cerebral Conservative

“I’m reading it and then realize, ‘Wait! I’m supposed to be editing this thing.’ That’s how much it pulls me in. I forget I’m editing it and just want to move to the next chapter to see what happens!” ~Daphne Self, Ambassador International Marketing Specialist and editor of Fugitive of Faith

“The book is well written and is riveting to read. It is scary to say the least that something like that could happen in America. But…we know what the final outcome is. I recommend it” ~C.M.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Would recommend it and looking forward to your next publication.” ~Brenda B.

“Great read! Also loved the twist or two. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting a good Faith-based realistic fiction novel. This book is very close to the non-fiction catagory! Great writing!” ~Tim, (Amazon review)

“Great read! I loved the way it was written and the author is such a great guy!” ~Meron, (Amazon review)

“Great Storytelling. I was so happy to find out about this author when he came to a book signing in my small town!!” ~laurynhulet (Barnes and Noble review)

“Very easy read. Captured and held my interest. Read both books over the Christmas/New Year season (rare for me to finish one in that time!). Reveals Biblical principles and has a clear Gospel message.” ~Barry D.

“DAVID MATHEWS does a riveting job in this presentation (actually a warning) in his book Fugitive of Faith. One scripture that came to mind as I began reading the book: Isa.5:20, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness…” (LSB) As the evil continues to encroach into our society, as it has even to our neighbors, this story is a plausible reality. I appreciate the author’s commitment to Scripture and to the Gospel of Christ. I came away with three indelible truths: God Loves us even while we are not at times lovable; God is always Faithful even while we are not always faithful; And that God is Sovereign in spite of our obstinacy. Highly recommended!” ~E. Sonny Mays, C.P.D. Det./Sgt. Ret.

“Your book resonated in a very personal way that made it special. I learned much and it was very thought provoking. Incredibly realistic. I am grateful for your Christian wisdom and look forward to following your career. We all have unique talents to contribute to the cause.” ~Mark

“Both of these books are wonderful!” ~S. L.

“Both of these books are riveting and inspiring! Written with a distinct Christian perspective that blends truth and grace, the author has a way of pulling the reader personally into the story. I felt like the characters had become my good friends, and I was sad the books had an ending! I thoroughly recommend them both.” ~Pete Frank

“Fugitive of Faith is [a] fast-paced and character-oriented novel. With a plot that parallels much of what is happening in the world today, the author supposes a situation that could logically happen. It centers around one character, a pastor, and how far would a pastor go to stay true to his faith. Even though there are strong Christian themes, the story is never preachy. All faith threads are organic in the telling and occurrence.
Pros: No convenient plots, only logical conclusions. Fast paced and extremely detailed in descriptions. No stereotypes.
Cons: The ending was surprising, yet seemed to keep [me] hanging. I kept expecting more.
Would I recommend it? Yes! Definitely in the type of climate we live in today, this book offers a realistic vision of a what-if.” ~Happy Reader (Goodreads review)

Comments and reviews from readers of “A Future and a Hope”

“This was a great read! I read a lot of nonfiction, and this book (which belongs to my 17 year old son) was a thoroughly enjoyable break. Clean and wholesome and fun! There was suspense and love and so many positive relationships between friends, teens and their parents, and their mentors. I enjoyed the writing style, which included distinctive descriptions, metaphors, and similes. My favorite aspect might have been the way the story reveals the truth that this world has troubles — for both Christians and nonChristians — but God comforts His children and we can find strength in bearing one another’s burdens. Themes of loyalty, kindness, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness, make this a worthwhile read, sowing truth and character into the heart of the reader. I hope this author continues to write such stories.” ~Amazon customer

“If you haven’t read this book, I encourage you to do so. Beautifully written and with such a real-life portrayal that is lacking in many books.” ~D. S.

“Couldn’t put it down once I started… Read it straight through without stopping!”  ~Tim (Amazon review)

“Absolutely amazing novel.”  ~Jim B.

“My teenage son was given this book by a mentor at our church and couldn’t put it down! The author does an excellent job weaving together a story that encourages young men and women to pursue God’s truth and wisdom throughout life’s trials and to trust that He has an ultimate plan for each person’s journey. When he was done reading, my son handed the book to me, saying it was my turn. That’s when I realized the author not only meant for this novel to speak to teens and college-aged individuals, but penned it to be applicable to all ages. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would welcome a sequel, should one be planned for the future!” ~Hanessa (Amazon review)

Oh my!!! I just finished your book – hard to read through the tears!! It was wonderful!!!! I’m sure it WILL touch many lives!!!” ~D. K.

Great book! Wonderful message of grace and faithfulness.” ~Char G.

“I am partial to this book. To me, it is so well written and a true testament to a young man’s life. At first the reader may think that Caleb is a little too perfect, but he is a young man who obeys his parents, thinks about things before he does them, and strives to do what is right. This brings to mind Proverbs 22:6. Caleb will eventually be tested and he will struggle to do the right thing. Ellie was the character that I loved so much. She overcame so much adversity and her plea that they not give up on her was endearing. Watching her grow into this young woman was a delight. The twists thrown into the story was fluid and organic. It tested the faith of each character. And there were parts that foreshadowed the end, and that made the story even more delightful. This is a young adult novel, yet also a new adult. But any age can read it. As I read this book, I thought of my own sons and how much Caleb Sawyer reminded me of them. Not only does this book epitomizes Jeremiah 29:11, but also Proverbs 22:6. And this is one I will definitely recommend. You won’t be disappointed in this story! Trust me, you’ll love it.” ~Daphne S. (Goodreads review)

Good sweet teen/young adult story. Reality based with real teenage/young adult struggles about life love, dealing with the interactions between believers and non believers. Although characters where half my age they didn’t come across as whiney or annoying and admitted when they didn’t understand something which is enjoyable for ant age of reader.” ~Marlene (Amazon review)

I love the way the book is dedicated, ‘To everyone who, at one time or another, ever doubted the goodness of God.’ You see a lot of God’s goodness in this book, despite the tragedies of life that occur. In this book, a bright and godly young man strives to honor God in everything he does. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect, but he tries to listen to God and follow him. I find him a good role model for teens. He meets Ellie who poses questions he tries to answer. She has had a tragic background and doesn’t believe God exists, and if He does, why did He allow so many bad things to happen to her? Is there really a future and a hope for her? I like this book in that it portrays listening and following God. It gives hope and comfort when life’s tragedies occur. It gets bogged down a little in day-to-day life, but overall is an interesting and thought-provoking book. (Please Note: Although this book was provided to me by Ambassador International for review, the opinions expressed are my own.)” ~Lighthouse Mom

Just finished your book. Awesome! Loved the way the story shifted gears ½ way through…” ~Tim

I was hooked after 5 pages and it just gets better. You write another book I’ll buy the first copy!!” ~Jared M.

What a fantastic story of God’s persistent love. This book weaves together different themes to tell a meaningful and inspirational tale that paints a beautiful picture of God’s compassion for his people. I really enjoyed the writing and the message!” ~Ariana (Amazon review)

I want to congratulate you on writing a great book! I finished it in about a week. I really enjoyed it. My daughter has read it and loved it too. She not only wants you to write other such books, but as an inspiring amateur actress, she thinks it should be made into a movie and she wants to be in it. I will be encouraging others to read it as well. Thanks again for the gift of the book and the hours of edification and enjoyment.” ~Pastor C.

I finally got to read the book! I really did enjoy it! I thought it was very readable, with believable characters and an interesting story line.” ~Cindy

When is the movie release? Grr-eATTTT book!” ~John G.

Great story, great theology. I really enjoyed the various themes of the story and how the author interviewed truth. Five starts out of five.” ~Brett ( review)

“I enjoyed your book very much. The events of the story were life scenarios. The biggest surprise for me was the (redacted!) – nice touch. I will be waiting for your next book.” ~Jan S.

“A really excellent book, based on a most forthright Biblical doctrine/truth.” ~G. Scott

“I so enjoyed reading this book. At first I thought it was just for teens but the storyline kept me reading and there were so many Biblical messages. Thank you for writing this.” ~Jeannie B.

“Very easy read. Captured and held my interest. Read both books over the Christmas/New Year season (rare for me to finish one in that time!). Reveals Biblical principles and has a clear Gospel message.” ~Barry D.

“Both of these books are wonderful!” ~S. L.

"You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11